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  • 1938 - Opens as a mechanical workshop machining machine components, established by Mr Arturo Colombo
  • 1956 - Starts producing small and medium-sized surface and marking plates
  • 1965 - The production of large surface plates begins in cooperation with a German Company. At the same time, to meet demand from the German market, the construction of Slotting machine tools begins
  • 1972 - Start and development of cooperation between major Italian manufacturers of cars (and associated products), with regard to marking plates. The company was handed over to the sons Giancarlo and Ermanno Colombo
  • 1987 – First designs and relative prototypes of castings using the new technique with models in EPS polystyrene, without extracting the model. They allow customers to meet their dimensional needs without entailing further costs in the design and manufacture of the same
  • 1992 - As the evolution of the market for milling and boring machines strengthened, so began the design and construction of cast iron squares (H = 3,000 mm.)
  • 1995 - Thanks to the polystyrene models, the first pair of H=5000 mm. squares were made and delivered to a company named Rodolfo Comerio
  • 2000 - The first H = 6,000 mm. square was created for the company Pama
  • 2008 - Third generation: Mr Evandro Colombo
  • 2013 - Design of H = 8,000 mm. square for an important Italian manufacturer of steel structures
  • 2014 - Establishment of a Joint Venture with an important foundry taking into account the considerable impact raw material has on the final product and guarantee shorter delivery times for customers.
  • 2015 - Through the joint venture created with an important foundry that has made fusions of every type of cast iron, we realized and delivered to our precious costumers 1.238 Mq. of plates with slots, box cubes, simple and modular angle plates, height from a Min of mm. 1.500, until a Max of mm 6.000, 49 couples. Box cubes with medium-big dimensions, 77 couples. Keep in mind that all our products, from the creation of the EPS model until the finishing of the fusions are totally Made in Italy.